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Hi guys! This is my first Spyro/American Dragon crossover. I was used to be a big fan of Spyro myself before I got into Mario too much.

Disclaimer: Spyro, the other characters and other areas belong to Insomniac Games/ Equinox Digital Entertainment or Check Six Studios/ Eurocom Entertainment Software/Krome Studios/ Digital Eclipse/ Vicarious Visions/ Amaze Entertainment. American Dragon: Jake Long, the other characters and places also belong to Jeff Goode.


                                          Spyro & Jake Long: Ripto’s Revenge

                                                 Chapter 1: Enter the Portal

At Winter Tundra in Avalar, Spyro & his pals were busy chilling, below the stairs to where Spyro fought against Ripto. The professor who was wearing his usual white lab coat with black round shoes and a pair of glasses over his eyes, was working on another massive portal.

Spyro was busy lying on the floor while Sparx, his companion was flying around him, Elora the faun who has pink pointy ears with brown long hair, a human’s face with blue eyes and a human’s body. She was wearing a green vest and she has a faun’s body with a white belly and bushy tail. She was busy watching The Professor building the portal.

Hunter, Spyro’s other friend has a tan coloured fur with a few spots all over his body, a long tail with flat feet. He has blue eyes, a small nose and a tiny beard below his chin. His ears were above his head and he was holding his trust bow and his bag of arrows were behind his back. He looks like that he’s ready for another adventure but who knows?

Zoe, an autumn fairy who is one of Spyro’s friends was wearing a bright yellow dress which goes down to her knees and brown small shoes. She was holding her wand as usual, she has pink, light yellow and green wings behind her and she has hazel eyes, red lips, a puny face with ears brown hair, tied in a ponytail. She is always there whenever Spyro needs her to save his adventures but who knows if he needs her this time. Right now, she’s floating beside Elora.

Moneybags, a rich and greedy bear who always con Spyro out of his gems during his adventures was standing next to Spyro, perhaps to ask him to pay him. He has dark brown fur, a fat body with black shoes. He wore a black posh tuxedo with little yellow buttons and a broach with an oval pink jewel inside. He has a monocle over his left green circular eye. He has pink tiny ears above his head and he was holding a white sack of gems.

“When is the portal gonna be finished?” Elora asked.

“Just hold on for a few moments.” The professor said, working on his portal using his tools.

“I hope it’s done. So, where does it lead to?”

“I’m not sure. It’s not properly tested yet.”

Meanwhile, Spyro and Sparx were still lying on the floor while Moneybags walks over to them.

“Ah, isn’t it great? The weather is awesome and there’s not a sight of trouble.” Spyro smiled, his arms were behind his head and closing his eyes. “I could get used to this.”

“Yeah. But Moneybags wants to talk to you.” Sparx said.

“Tell him to get lost. I don’t wanna to pay him again. He annoys me.”

“I know he does. But he might want to talk to you about something urgent.”

“Whatever, I just wanna rest my eyes for a few hours.”

“Okay, whatever floats your boat pal.”

“Er… Spyro? I need to talk to you.” Moneybags replied, poking his tummy.

“Cut it out Sparx, can’t you see that I’m realxing?” Spyro said, getting annoyed whilst his eyes were twitching.

“It’s not me, Spyro. It’s Moneybags, he’s really desperate to tell you something.” Sparx replied.

“Okay, but this better be important!”

The purple dragon slowly rose up and rubbed his eyes. He turned to see Moneybags, standing and looking down at him.
“What is it? I need to take a nap.”

“Er… can you pay me for a small fee?”

“Aw, not again! I’m not in the mood for that, right now.”

“Will you please pay?”

“When dragons fly, the answer is still no.”

“I’m begging you! Please pay a small fee?”

“Hmm… let me think… er… no.”

“Fine then! Have it your way!”

Moneybags then stormed off, bending down and stomping the ground.

“Er… I think you made him mad, Spyro.” Sparx said, feeling a little sorry for the greedy bear.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll get over it.” Spyro assured him.

“You think so?”

“Yeah. Besides, at least he won’t bother us.”

“… for a while.”

“Spyro! I think the portal is finally done!” A voice exclaimed.

“C’mon! Let’s go check it out!” The headstrong purple dragon shouted.

So, he and Sparx quickly went over to where The Professor was.

“Now, I need is the final touch!” The Professor annouced.

“What is it?” Spyro asked, eagered to find out what it is. He was jumping up and down in excitement.

“Behold! The Rainbow Sceptre!”

The sceptre has a large gem which has the colours of the rainbow and shines with a beautiful rainbow light. The stick is gold and at the top has a shape of a tiny pyramid which is golden.

“Wow! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!” Spyro and his pals, except the Professor, bellowed. They were staring at it with large wide eyes. Some of them had their jaws dropped to the ground, literally.

“It is my latest invention. I just created it to power up the portal.” The Professor replied.

“But didn’t you use a power crystal to boost up your previous portal?” Spyro inquired.

(A/N: That’s just a reference to Spyro 2: Gateway To Glimmer when Elora, Hunter and the professor tried to use a power crystal to boost the super portal at Winter Tundra.)

“Yes I did but I decided to make something new to power up another portal. Anyway, as I was saying, this sceptre can also be used to protect myself and all of you from enemies like the villianous Ripto. It has the power of all the elements like for example, fire.”

“Wow! That’s awesome professor! Man, I wonder what’s it’s like to use it?”

“But if it falls into the wrong hands, unspeakable terror will be unleashed upon the earth!”

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Spyro and his pathetic pals!” A familiar voice said.

Everyone looked around for the source of the voice and finally gazed up at the top of the staircase to see Ripto. He wore a dark purple cloak with purple trousers, black smooth shoes, a white shirt and a massive medal in a shape of a heptagon. A ruby jewel is inside and a gold thick lining is around the medal. His skin seems to be orange and he has black nails. He has green, huge eyes, a big snout, orange curvy eyebrows and a tan wavy horn on his head with brown lines.

“Hey shorty! Come down here and fight!” Spyro hollered, taunting him by patting his bum and blowing a raspberry at him.

“Oh, I will and I’ll WILL destroy you!” Ripto sneered.

“Yeah, right…”

“Um… Spyro, you’d better watch what you’re saying.” Sparx replied, getting very worried. He was sweating very hard as drips were dropping down, extremely speedily.

“Okay, you asked for it!” Ripto yelled. “Eat bombs, you reptile!”

Immediately, Ripto pulled out a bomb from nowhere and lit it up using a single match. He aimed it at Spyro and the gang who were staring at him, in terror. Some of them were shaking in their boots and a few were biting their nails. He then threw it towards them. The bomb was getting closer and closer until Spyro quickly jumped up and whacked it using his tail as a tennis racket.

“How do you like that move?” He snickered, confidently.

“How pathetic.” Ripto simply said, hitting the bomb back using his old sceptre that he uses to attack Spyro in the previous adventures. He got out a few more which were already lit up and used both of his hands to throw them at his enemy.

They were getting nearer and nearer as Spyro got ready to hit them. He jumped in the air again and hit the first one but unfortunately, since he couldn’t handle two at the same time, the bomb landed in front of him and exploded. Smoke filled the air while Ripto watched from above the stairs.

“Heh, heh, that takes care of him. Now to get that scepter!” Ripto laughed, gleefully as he ran down the staircase.

Meanwhile, Spyro and his friends were coughing while Ripto sneaked past the gang despite that the smoke is still there. He sprinted to Hunter, grabbed his hand tightly and headed towards the portal. Around it was gold and it was very huge. It’s the same size as the super portal. However, there was no title of the dimension to show where does it leads to, above it. Without hesitation, he grabbed the Rainbow Sceptre which was leaning against the portal on the left side and entered through. Spyro hopped up and flapped his wings to create a strong wind to clear away the smoke. Everyone is even now coughing as the smoke slowly cleared away. The purple dragon floated down and landed on the floor.

“Man, what happened?” He questioned. He turned to everyone. “Are all of you all right?”

“Yeah, that was one rough attack. Gee, I wonder if Hunter is okay.” Elora said, thinking to herself by staring at the sky.

“I’m sure he is! He’s one strong cheetah, I’m sure he can take care of himself!”

“Um… okay, if you say so.”

“What the heck?! Hunter’s gone!”

“Oh puh-lease! As if he ran off to somewhere!”

“No really, I’m telling the truth!”


“Yeah, just LOOK!”

Spyro pointed to the portal, indicating that Hunter must have gone through it.

“Oh my goodness! My sceptre has vanished!” A recognizable voice shrieked in horror.

The purple dragon and the faun spun around to see the Professor in tears, kneeling down and burying his face in his arms next to where the sceptre was used to be.

“I worked so hard on it! Who knows what Ripto would do with it when he arrives at the unknown dimension?” The Professor cried.

Spyro went to him and put his scaly arm over his shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’ll go in there and retrieve the sceptre!”

“No, don’t go! I couldn’t bear to lose you too, Spyro!” Elora shouted with a concerned face.

“But I can’t let Ripto get away with this! I’ve got to go! Either I go or we’ll never see him and the sceptre again.”

“Sigh… I guess you’re right. Good luck, Spyro.”

“And bring back the sceptre, Spyro! We’re counting on you!” The Professor added, giving him a thumbs up and a smile.

“Don’t worry prof, I won’t let you down! C’mon Sparx, let’s go!”

With that, the brave dragon and his dragonfly gulped before stepping into the bright light of the portal. What awaits them on the other side and can they find the sceptre and save Hunter in time before Ripto could do anything terrible to him? Find out in the next chapter!


Well, everyone? What do you think of this chapter? I’ve worked so hard on it. It took more than 1 day to finish this. Anyhoo, whenever I watch an episode of American Dragon, I started to think about remembering the good old days playing Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer and Spyro: Year of the Dragon. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… good times, good times! :D The recent Spyro game I’m playing now is Spyro: Shadow Legacy and I’ve completed it. Anyway, this is Mariofanstar reminding you to comment! Oh, and please no flames. :)
Since all of you guys are missing the action of the story since it's on, I decided to submit it here. I'm sure you guys don't mind do you?

Spyro & Jake Long: Ripto's Revenge, Plot and Rainbow Sceptre © ~SpyroandAmdrag

Spyro, Sparx, Elora, The Professor, Hunter, Moneybags, Zoe and Ripto © Insomniac Games/ Equinox Digital Entertainment or Check Six Studios/ Eurocom Entertainment Software/Krome Studios/ Digital Eclipse/ Vicarious Visions/ Amaze Entertainment

Jake Long, Fu Dog, Rose, Trixie, Spud and other characters © Jeff Goode - Disney Version: Spyro & Jake Long: Ripto's Revenge
Ignitus1976 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2007
Good so far, but if it`s a Spyro & Jake Long crossover, shouldn`t there be some other reference to Jake Long besides the usual disclaimer.
xFlowerstarx Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
Jake Long and his friends will appear in the next chapter.
SpyroandAmdrag Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2007
By the way, me, Mariofanstar is one of the owners of this club. Anyhoo, this used to be a joint-fic but now I do this story by myself. Besides, my partner is busy doing his own fics so that's why he can't work on it with me anymore. Oh, and you can contact me by sending a note or a comment in this club or my personal profile.
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