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Thanks for the comment, Ignitus1976! :D I really appreciated it. :) Anyhoo, Spyro was my childhood favourite. I used to play Spyro the Dragon, Spyro: Gateway to Glimmer and Spyro: Year of the Dragon on the original Playstation. Somehow, later on I’ve gotten bored with playing Spyro so I decided to play something else like the Mario series. Enough of my blabbering, let’s get on with the second chapter!

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot of the story, the Rainbow Sceptre and the fic.


                                  Chapter 2: Unexpected Arrival

Meanwhile, At New York City in Canal Street Electronics, Jake and Fu Dog were at the back of the shop, creating another portal spell to use it to find Shaniqua Chulavista, Jake’s favourite singer, so he can see her in person.

Jake has a square-like face with pointy ears, beady black eyes, black thick eyebrows and a mouth. He has a small nose and black spiky hair with green rims. He wore a red jacket with yellow ovals with 3 lines on them, on the sleeves. There was a yellow circle below the collar around his neck. He also wore a white shirt behind his jacket, navy shorts with large square-shaped pockets, and white socks with black sneakers. His whole body has a tan colour. He may look like your average normal 14 year old teenager, but he’s actually the American Dragon, the magical protector of the city.

Fu Dog has a fat, podgy body with four legs and paws. A curly tail was at the back of him. His face is similar to what Chinese Shar Pei dog faces look like but he has round small eyes with tiny black pupils, a black nose, three freckles on his cheeks and grey floppy, pointy ears on his head. He also has thin eyebrows over his eyes and he wore a red collar with a round gold metal, around him. His mouth is a little bit small which is below his cheeks. He’s a Chinese Shar Pei animal guardian to Jake and his grandfather but he’s pretty skilled at making potions to aid Jake.

“Er… are you sure about doing this again, kid?” Fu Dog asked. “We already got in trouble for using it, last time.”

(A/N: That’s a reference to the episode, Half Baked when Lao Shi yelled furiously because he and Jake accidentally poured vanilla into the bowl and Lao Shi was mad at Jake for disobeying him since he’s obsessed over finding Rose.)

“Yeah, yeah I remember. Besides, I missed my chance to meet her ‘cause I gotta baby-sit my sis and fight against that crazy punk.” Jake said, crossing his arms.

(A/N: Another reference to The Legend of Dragon Tooth when Jake, Trixie and Spud were taking in turns, baby-sitting Haley and watching the music awards show. Jake also fights off a dental villain who wants to abduct his sister for her Dragon Tooth.)  

“Is she somebody you love like Miss Rose?”

“No, she’s my favourite singer.”

“I see, so should we get this over with incase the old man comes and sees us doing this?”

“Yeah, let’s do it!”

“Alright kid, you know the drill. Gimme some Bat Guano.”

Jake went over to the dark table and grabbed a rectangular container with a lid. He went back to Fu and opened it. He poured it in the grey bowl.

“Anythin’ else, Fu?” Jake inquired, standing next to him with his hands on his hips.

“Yeah, bring me Troll Belches next.” Fu answered, having his back towards Jake.

Jake returned to the same table to get a transparent bottle of Troll Belches. He walked back to where Fu is and poured Troll Belches into the bowl. Burps of the Trolls can be heard from the bottle.

“Finally, Krylock Venom.”

Jake revisited the table and took the translucent beaker of Krylock Venom. It looks like a bright green potion inside. He came back to the Shar Pei who was waiting for Jake. He poured the Krylock Venom in and Fu used a thick potion tube to stir in the ingredients.

(A/N: I don’t know what the thing is called, you know the thingy that Fu normally holds to stir in the ingredients. So if you know what it’s called, just tell me. I’d be very grateful.)

A puff of purple and lavender smoke came out of the bowl.

“And presto! One portal spell, ready for action!” Fu exclaimed, confidently and pleased that the potion is finished. “Now kid, hold the bowl and throw the potion into the air and say Shaniqua Chulavista’s name. When the potion opens, you dive in. So you ready, kid?”

“Yeah! The Am-Drag’s always ready!” Jake shouted in his usual cocky way, as he nodded and grinned.

Jake clutched the bowl and threw the potion into the air. Purple and lavender smoke appeared in the room. He stood still, closed his eyes and whispered, “Shaniqua Chulavista.”

He opened his eyes and was ready to dive in but suddenly a lot of colourful light were coming out of the red and black portal.

“What the--?!” Jake bellowed in a shocked tone. “Fu, do ya know what the heck is goin’ on?”

Fu hopped off the dark blue, tall stool and ran over to Jake on all four paws.

“I’m not sure kid; it wasn’t like that last time.” Fu replied, shrugging.

“I know and man, it sure is bright!” Jake hollered, covering his eyes with his hands.

“I agree with ya, kid. Do you have any sunglasses?”

“No. Aww, man! I should have brought a pair!”

Jake and Fu Dog covered their eyes as the portal continued to gleam with bright, colourful lights of the rainbow. They were as bright as Leprechaun Gold. The portal continued to shine for a few hours until a purple little dragon tumbled out of the portal while the gold dragonfly flew out of it. The portal then vanished. Spyro and Sparx shook their heads and looked around the unfamilar area. About a few miles away from them, Jake and Fu stared at them awkwardly because they never expected for them to come out of the portal.

“Man, what happened?” Spyro asked his dragonfly friend.

“It seems we’re not in Avalar anymore, Spyro.” Sparx answered.

“Um… I think you should talk to him. If I talk to them, they’ll be scared to death. Since you’re a dragon like him, I think I should butt out.” Fu said to the Chinese American teen.

“Okay Fu.” Jake smiled. He casually went over to the purple dragon and his best friend. “Hey, you’re not from around here, aren’t ya?”

“Nope and you are?” Spyro inquires.

“Jake Long, I’m the American—“

Fu quickly sprinted over to Jake before he could blurt out his secret identity by mistake.

“Ah, ah, ah! Ix-nay on the has-bay.” Fu said, quietly.

“Oh, right. Well I’m the American…” Jake pondered, thinking of what to say to cover up what he was about to say as he looked up at the ceiling.

“You’re the american what?” Spyro said, raising an eyebrow.

“…american kid who’s gonna help ya.” Jake frowned as he flopped down his arms.

“You’re going to help me?! Er… how are you going to help a dragon like me?”

“Well, just tell us how you got here but not here. By the way, this is Fu.” Jake grinned, using his right hand to gesture at his animal guardian.

“Bow wow-wow.” Fu simply said, wagging his tail.

“Why does he bark very weird?” The purple heroic dragon questioned, giving Jake a puzzled face.

“He barks in Chinese. Anyway, ya’ll, let’s bounce!” Jake exclaimed, as walked through the door curtain. Fu, Spyro and Sparx followed him out of the storeroom and they sat comfortably on the red couch by the table, except for Spyro and Sparx. Spyro was resting his arms and legs on the floor and Sparx was floating next to him.

“Now, er… what is your name?” Jake asks the purple reptile.

“Spyro and this is my dragonfly friend, Sparx.” Spyro replied, as he pointed to his dragonfly.

“Hey there!” Sparx greeted.

“Whoa! That ‘thing’ can speak, yo!” Jake called out, while his hair was sticking up and as he rose his arms in shock.

“It’s a dragonfly, Jake.” Spyro murmured, staring at him as if he’s a weirdo.

“Oh sorry, my bad. It’s a good thing that Gramps is out with his mah-jong pals somewhere else. So tell us what happened.”

“Alright then, if you say so. It all began when my pals and I were relaxing in a different dimension.”

“What was it called?”

“Winter Tundra, Jake.”

“Is it a magical place?”

“Well… you could say that. Anyway, we were relaxing at that place I’ve mentioned earlier, at the bottom of the stairs to where I fought a villainous villain called Ripto.”

“What is he? An animal, a human or a magical creature?”

“Well… he isn’t a human but you could say he’s a magical creature. Why you’d ask?”

“No reason, just wondering, yo.”

“As I was saying, one of my friends, The Professor is working on a powerful massive portal which takes you to who-knows-what. While he was working on it, Sparx and I were busy resting until someone disturbed us.”

“Who is it?”

“A talking bear called Moneybags who always con me out of my gems.”

“What are gems?”

“Rainbow coloured jewels which were used for currency. Anymore questions before I carry on?”

“Nope, just carry on, yo.”

“Well anyhoo, Moneybags kept on pestering us by asking me to give him gems. Finally, he gave up and he stormed off. At least, he won’t bother me and Sparx anymore. Suddenly, I heard somebody shouting, telling us to come over to where the Professor and the gang were. The Professor then showed everyone his newest invention, the Rainbow Sceptre.”

“What does it do?”

“It’s designed to power up the portal and can be used to protect anyone who’s holding it from enemies. It even shoots out all of the elements like for instance, fire.”

“Man, that’s awesome! I wish I had it, yo!”

“Too bad ‘shorty’ stole it.”

“Aww, man!”

“I know. The Professor told me and everyone else, if the sceptre falls into the wrong hands, who know what untold horrors will be unleashed upon the world.”

“Dang! That stinks, yo!”

“Uh-huh and somehow, ‘shorty’ overheard us and attacked us by throwing bombs!”

“Where in the heck did he get the bombs from?”

“I’m not sure. He never told us where he got them from.”

“Luckily, I gave him a taste of his own medicine by whacking the bomb back at him using my tail. He then got a sinister trick up his sleeve and got out two bombs. He tossed them at me and I hit the first one but unfortunately, I missed the other one since I couldn’t handle two at once. The second bomb landed in front of me and exploded.”

“What happened next?”

“Smoke then filled the air which gave him the chance to run off with Hunter and the sceptre. While, the group and I were coughing, we didn’t notice that Ripto entered the portal. I jumped up and flapped my wings to blow the smoke away. We were still coughing as the smoke gradually cleared away. I floated down and landed on the ground. I asked all of my friends if they are all right. Elora said that she’s all right and she wondered if Hunter is okay.”

“Wait, hold up! Who are Hunter and Elora?”

“Hunter is my closest friend. He helped me in my adventures and normally gives me advice. He teaches me new moves and sometimes he assists me to get items that I couldn’t reach myself. At times, he challenges me to contests like for example, beating his record in skateboarding.”

“No way! He’s a skateboarder?”

“Uh-huh. I’m not joking, really but why are you shocked about that, Jake?”

“’Cause I’m a skateboarder too. I love skateboarding and it’s my hobby. So anyway, where’s Hunter ‘cause I wanna show him how good I am.”

“Er… hate to burst your bubble but he’s not with me.”


“He’s kidnapped by Ripto, like I explained to you a few minutes ago.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh, man!”

“Anyhow, Elora is a friend of mine that I met in one of my adventures. She’s friendly and pretty smart.”

“So what are Hunter and Elora? A talking animal or a magical creature?”

“A talking animal.”

“Does Elora skateboard like Hunter?”


“I told Elora that he’s a strong cheetah and he can take care of himself. But later on, I found out that Hunter has vanished! Elora thought that I was lying and I told her that he’s really disappeared by pointing to the portal to show her that Hunter must have gone into it with Ripto. All of a sudden, I heard the Professor crying because his precious creation has been taken. I went over to him and assured him that I’ll bring back the sceptre. Elora then advised me to not go and I said that I can’t let Ripto get away with the mess he’s done. At last, she surrendered and wished me luck. The Professor reminded me to retrieve the sceptre and I promised that it will be returned safely. At long last, Sparx and I gone in the portal and now here we are.”

“By the way, who’s the Professor?”

“Another talking animal who I also encountered. He is very intelligent but he has a memory problem, plus he has an eye problem ‘cause he wears glasses which he normally breaks. He creates lots of gadgets and inventions to help me on my adventures.”

“Oh anyway, dude. Me and Fu will help you guys rescue Hunter and beat down that punk.”

“Thanks, Jake.”

“Hey, don’t sweat it. We’re happy to help, right Fu?” Jake winked, as he nudged Fu hard.

“Huh? ... Oh, yeah, right kid.” Fu agreed, rubbing his arm.

“And we’ll be behind ya, all the way.” Jake beamed as he put his arm around Spyro’s head. “Now let’s roll, guys!”

So, Spyro, Sparx, Jake and Fu headed towards the door which has the number “10048” on the window above the door. Jake went in front of his friends and turned the door knob which made the door opened. He walked out first, next Spyro and Sparx and lastly, Fu as he used his paw to carefully close the door shut.

“So, why are we going out?” Spyro asked.

“To find your friend, duh.” Jake said.

“We might not be able to find him, kids. The city is really huge and wide so it might take a lot or perhaps a few days to locate him.” Fu explained.

“I know, but who knows the city better than Sparx and I?” The little purple dragon inquired.

“Well, it’s me! So, let’s go to the skate park to get some help.” Jake smirked.

“What help?”

“My best buds, Trixie and Spud.”



Jake wasn’t paying attention to where he was going since he was turning his head round to face his chums as he bumped into a beautiful blonde haired girl and they both let out a yelp.

“Sorry my bad, I didn’t know you were—Rose?!” Jake yelled in surprise as he put his hand on his chest and his eyes became wide as the bridge in the city.

The beautiful blonde haired girl turned out to be Jake’s love interest, Rose. She has wavy blonde hair, blue eyes on her face, a puny nose, skinny black eyebrows, pink lipstick and blue small, circular earrings on her ears. Her body colour is tan and she wore a sleeveless white shirt with a v-shaped collar, a blue necklace around her neck, dark pink jeans with pockets and 2 brown lines on it with a brown belt. She also wore brown sandals.  

“Hi Jake, how are you?” Rose smiled while she was dusting herself off from bumping into her boyfriend.

“Er… um… just, er… fine.” Jake nervously said, he was sweating extremely hard like if today’s a really scorching day and he was blushing red like a rose.

“Who’s this?” She asked, gesturing towards Spyro.

“He’s my… er… cousin. Yeah cousin! From… er… out of town.”

“But I’m not your cous—“ Spyro blurted out but Jake cut him off by covering his mouth and looked angrily at him.

“Shush yo! You’re gonna blow our cover!” Jake scolded him.

“Why? It’s okay to tell her that I’m a dragon from another dimension.”

“No, it’s not! She’s gonna slay ya since you said that now!”

“Er… what are you guys talking about?” Rose inquires, blankly staring at them and standing incredibly still.

“Nothin’ Rose, it’s just we’re havin’ some… uh… ‘Family’ business.” Jake lied to his beloved girlfriend.

“Oh. So where are you heading off to?”

“To the skate park to Spud and Trix. You comin’?”

Jake was about to walk off but Rose hurriedly grabbed onto his hand, tightly and gazed into his eyes deeply. Jake did the same.

“But I can’t, Jake. I’m sorry, it’s very dangerous. The Huntsman is still keeping an eye on me so we have to keep our distance.”

“Hey, just stick around for a bit. It won’t hurt ya.” Jake smiled, despite what she told him.

“I guess spending time with you won’t be so bad.” Rose grinned back.

The Chinese American 14 year old teen turned to his chums. “Now, c’mon ya’ll, let’s jet!”

His friends nodded and he and his friends continued to walk around the city. They’ve been going around corners of tall, massive buildings and some point; they have to look both ways to see if there are any cars and cross the busy road to get to the other side. Eventually, they gone past the alleys and finally reached Washington Park. Meanwhile, Spud and Trixie were on their skateboards, sliding left and right on the half-pipe and doing all kinds of skateboarding tricks. Trixie slid over to the deck while Spud was attempting to slide to the other side.

Trixie has brown skin and her hair was tied up in 2 curly buns. She has a fringe and her hair colour is black. Her nose shape is very different from her friends and she has brown eyes but not beady like Jake. Her ears are kind of tiny and she has light brown lip balm on her lips. She wore a sleeveless dark blue jacket with a hood over a sky blue jumper. She wore a black belt with a grey square belt buckle, green jeans and navy shoes.

Spud has tan skin and his brown hair is messy which is normally covered up by a dark green hat and at the top is flat. He has thick, black eyebrows, black or brown eyes, a weird shaped nose, miniature ears and a neck. He wore a navy sleeveless shirt with a bright green alien head on it over an orange jumper with a v-shaped collar, brown trousers with a few creases and white shoes with 2 lines on them.

“Yo Spud, isn’t that Jakey over there?” Trixie questioned her best friend as she moved her hand to her forehead to get a better view of the ground.

“Huh?” Spud said.

He wasn’t watching he was doing and fell down headfirst to the flat bottom of the half-pipe. Stars were swirling around his head and his eyes kept on rolling. He has his tongue sticking out of his mouth.

“C’mon Spud, quit foolin’ around and let’s rotate!” Trixie shouted as she slowly pulled her best friend up to his feet. She then grabbed his hand and dragged him off of the half-pipe and out of the skate park. In the meantime, Jake, Spyro, Sparx, Fu Dog and Rose were standing close to the park, chatting to each other.

“Hey, yo Jakey! What’s crackelatin’, baby?” A familiar voice called to the five.

Spyro and the others spun around to see Trixie and Spud running towards them with their skateboards in their hand.

“Wassup Trixie, Spud!” Jake greeted his best friends as he used his clenched fist and did a friendly punch to Trixie’s and Spud’s fists.

“Er… Jake, who are they?” Spyro enquired.

“Oh, right. This is Trixie…” Jake said, pointing to Trixie who came over to Spyro and used her fist to do a welcoming punch to Spyro’s clawed fist. “… and this is Spud.”

Spud just simply waved at Spyro. The headstrong purple dragon waved back.

“Who’s this, Jakey?” Trixie inquired.

Jake anxiously pulled his lapel of his red jacket, closed his eyes and gulped. He re-opened them.

“He’s my… uh… he’s my—“ Jake replied, struggling of what to say to his loyal skateboarding pals.

“Well Jakey, aren’t ya gonna say somethin’?” Trixie impatiently said, tapping the floor with one foot.

“He’s probably your cousin, right dude?” Spud asked.

“Er… yeah! He is!” Jake exclaimed, still fibbing and sweating.

“So, what’s his name?” The African American girl questioned, gesturing to Spyro.

“Spyro.” Jake simply said.

“Nice to meet ya, guys!” Spyro greeted.

“And this is his dragonfly friend, Sparx.” Jake replied, indicating Sparx who was hovering near his best buddy.

The gold dragonfly just waved. Trixie and Spud did the similar thing.

“You know Jakey; shouldn’t he introduce himself to us instead of ya?” Trixie says as raised her eyebrow, gawping at Jake.

“Oh sorry, my bad.” Jake apologized. “Anyway, ya’ll, what are we doin’ today?”
“How about looking for my friend?” Spyro suggested to his newfound friends.

“Sure but we gotta split up.” Jake informed his allies.

“Why Jakey?” Trixie queried.

“It would be easier that way to find him.”

“But who is his friend?” Rose wondered, pondering about what he or she looks like and what he or she is as puts her finger to her lip and looks up to the sky.

“Yeah, you never told us, Jakey!” Trixie agreed.

“S, I think you should explain to them.” Jake notified Spyro.

“Alright but why did you call me ‘S’?” Spyro asked, wanting to know why Jake called him that.

“I call my grandpa ‘G’ which is short for ‘Gramps’. I always call him that, why you’d ask, yo?”

“Well, no one called me ‘S’ before.”

“Anyhoo, ya’ll, let’s bounce!” Jake exclaimed.

“Wait! I haven’t explained to them who is my pal.” Spyro reminded him.

“Alright, just tell them already so we can find your bud.” Jake replied. “Oh I almost forgot, this is Rose.”

“Nice to meet you.” Rose sweetly smiled as she reached out her hand for Spyro to shake it.

“Rose, meet Spyro and Sparx. My bad for not telling ya his name.” Jake apologized, grinning sheepishly as he put his hand behind his neck.

“That’s okay, Jake.” Rose beamed.

“Anyway, Spud, Trixie and Rose, my friend is called Hunter. He ordinarily gives me advice and teaches me new moves to help me. Sometimes, he assists me to get items that I couldn’t attain myself and he challenges me to contests.” Spyro explained.

“Is he a human like us?” Spud queried.

“Not exactly.”

“Then what is he? A magical creature?” Rose asked.

“Er… (gulp)… what makes you say that?” Spyro apprehensively said, sweating uncontrollably.

“Well, because you said that he’s not human.”

“I know but in reality, he’s just a talking animal but you might say that he’s a magical creature.”

“I see, so Jake, should we get started on finding him?” Rose inquired, staring at her beloved boyfriend.

“Yeah, let’s go!” Jake excitedly bellowed as he raced off.

“Hey yo, Jakey, wait up baby!” Trixie cried out as she ran off as well, while the others were following in pursuit.

Miles away from his mates, Jake slowed down to a jog so his friends can catch up.

“Hey Jakey, can ya slow down? We can’t keep up!” Trixie yelled from a few miles away from Jake.

The black haired teen then stopped jogging and stood still. In the end, the crew caught up with their speedy chum. Everyone were bending down, staring at the pavement and breathing heavily.

“Why… did… you… ran… Jake?” Spyro enquired between breaths.

“Just having a little fun with you guys.” Jake chuckled.

“That’s…not… funny.”

“But it is for me!”

“But even though we were messing around, do you think we’ll be able to save Hunter in time?” Spyro asked as he rose his head to face Jake.

“Of course we can!” Jake self-assuredly hollered.


“Yeah, just trust me on this okay?”

“Okay but I hope that Hunter is alright, wherever he is.” Spyro said silently as he and the bunch carried on walking around bends of the lofty, enormous buildings of New York City. Will Spyro, Jake and the gang be able to search for Hunter before it’s too late? Find out in the upcoming chapter!


What do you think of this chapter, everyone? Sorry for the tremendously late update because I was hooked up with Mario Party 8. I finished Star Battle for the first time, unlocked a recent party board, a new spanking character, unlocked brand-new mini-games during Tag Battle mode and had a lot of fun playing with my Mii. :D Although, the chapter is super time-consuming, at least it’s worth the wait! ;) By the way, Ripto’s part WAS supposed to be after Jake and Spyro’s part but since the chappie is so long, I decided to not add it in. So, please read and review! ^_^
Here's the second chapter that you've all been waiting for! :D At least it's worth the wait, even though it's very long! :)

Spyro & Jake Long: Ripto's Revenge, Plot and Rainbow Sceptre © ~SpyroandAmdrag

Spyro, Sparx, Elora, The Professor, Hunter, Moneybags, Zoe and Ripto © Insomniac Games/ Equinox Digital Entertainment or Check Six Studios/ Eurocom Entertainment Software/Krome Studios/ Digital Eclipse/ Vicarious Visions/ Amaze Entertainment

Jake Long, Fu Dog, Rose, Trixie, Spud and other characters © Jeff Goode - Disney Version: Spyro & Jake Long: Ripto's Revenge
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